Conte loves Morata in the Chelsea the same week (NEWS)

The future of Álvaro Morata might be solved this week. Or, at least, it is what Antonio Conte would wish. The next trainer of the Chelsea, who will say goodbye of his post in the bench of the selection of Italy after the Euroglass 2016, has urged to the London club in order that closed after-taste the signing of the international Spanish one the same week, before next Monday Spain makes début in the Euroglass before the Czech Republic (Monday, the 13th at 15:00 in Telecinco).

Conte’s intention – that already was interested for the football player for the Juventus before initiating his stage as trainer of the selection of Italy – is, according to The Guardian, that the Chelsea attacks Morata’s contracting directly with the Juventus before Real Madrid executes the option of repurchase that has reserved on the forward.

There it is where the London club might be one of the principal reefs. As it was revealed in the papersfiltered through Football Leaks, and of that SEIZE it echoed last February 29, Real Madrid included in Morata’s transfer to the Juventus a clause for which the Italian entity should pay 80 million Euros to the white club if it was penetrating the player before July 16, 2017. This way, the Chelsea should offer an important quantity to the Italian club in order that this one could confront the above mentioned indemnification.

This contractual condition adds to the already known clause of repurchase that Real Madrid insured itself for the forward and that it allows him to re-fish Morata for 30 million Euros between the 1 and on July 15 of this year. In spite of the fact that last week the football player demonstrated in an interview to ACE his will to return to Real Madrid to remain, the white club only would be a station of step for the battering-ram, since the intention of Concha Espina’s entity is to resell to Morata precisely to a club of The First League. An operation for which Real Madrid would expect to obtain at least 50 millions of Euros.